Workshops & Events

KCAT Pop-up Open Studio project funded by Creative Ireland. It is a KCAT and Butler Gallery collaboration. The Educational Centre of the Butler Gallery is hosting KCAT Open Studio on thirteen Thursday evenings. Initiated in October 2020 and running till Spring 2021. Rachel Burke sourced funding and is facilitating KCAT Pop-up Open Studio project.

Custodians is an Art Engagement project funded by Creative Ireland and Kilkenny County Council. In 2019, Rachel Burke was awarded funding to create greater community access to the arts. The project consisted of collaborating with a group of farmers, becoming an artist-in-residence in St. Lachtains N.S., holding an exhibition of final works and producing an Artbook.  
During the year long project, Burke met with individual participants in their home places and gathered stories, images and photos to support her resulting artwork. Farmers collaborated with Burke on how to document their homes and farms in paintings, deciding on how they wanted to be represented. As a body of work, the compilation reveals a visual story of the Threecastles area both past and present.

Rachel Burke Artist Facilitator
2010- Facilitator of Workshops, Events and Artist-in-Residence for Butler Gallery
2019- Facilitator of Open Studio and Roots courses for KCAT Arts Centre, Callan
2019- Facilitator of Workshops and Events for Recreate, Dublin
2020 Facilitator of Adult Workshops for Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Arts Office in Dlr
Lexicon Gallery, Dublin

KCAT POP-UP OPEN STUDIO PROJECT. KCAT and Butler Gallery collaboration. Funded by Creative Ireland. KCAT Pop-up Open Studio will be hosted by Butler Gallery on Thursday evenings. Facilitated by Rachel BURKE and commencing January 2021.
Portrait part 1